Thursday, April 24, 2008

Infinita Bossa Gets Out There!

Disk Union (Japan), CD Baby and Dusty Groove are distributing Infinita Bossa throughout the world. Recent sales include Russia, Italy, Japan and Switzerland, in addition to the U.S. Dusty Groove had this to say about Infinita Bossa:

"A really classic-styled session of Brazilian jazz vocals -- of the sort that takes us back to late 60s work by singers like Elis Regina or Leny Andrade! The instrumentation is quite warm and all acoustic -- jazzy flute, sax, guitar, keyboards, and trombone -- the last of which is played by arranger David Manson, who's kind of the powerhouse of the group. Andrea Moraes Manson sings lead vocals on the set -- with a quality that's light, but never thin or too airy -- just the right sort of 60s bossa mode to please our ears, and a style that few American recordings ever get right! Production is great too, with just the right balance of warmth to remind us of the old days -- and none of the too-bright or too-clear tones that can sometimes mar a modern bossa effort."

KDHX's Radio Rio recently played cuts from the release, as well as WMNF and WUSF in the Tampa Bay area.

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